DistractionFree uses a system extension to filter web flows. There are a few steps to follow the first time you launch the application.

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Step 1

Click on the « Activate .

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Step 2

Click on « Open System Settings ».

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Step 3

Click on « Allow ». This will authorize the DistractionFree system extension/network extension.

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Step 4

Click on the switch button to activate DistractionFree.

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Step 5

Allow DistractionFree to filter web flows. You can changes this settings later in "System Settings/Network/Filters".

Activate or deactivate DistrationFree with the ON/OFF switch in the bottom left corner of the main window. Filters are automalically disabled when quitting DistractionFree.

Drag applications or website URLs onto the DistractionFree icon in the menu bar to open the window and drop them onto it.

When DistractionFree is active, all browsers (Firefox, Bravo, Edge, Chrome, Chromium) except Safari are automatically added to the list of filtered applications. This is because filtering websites from a WebKit application is much easier than others (this will be addressed in future versions).
Web filtering only takes place for Safari. This means that you can continue working with other applications without interruption.
Future version will include a setting to allow other browsers (without website filtering).

Select one of the unblock options on the right side of the item. You can unblock indefinitely or juste for one hour or ten minutes.